"Strengthening the Cushcraft 40-2CD"
By Dave Leeson, W6QHS

Published in "QST," November 1991


Dave Leeson wrote one of the most widely read articles in "QST" on how to strengthen this very popular antenna. The article consisted of seven pages, followed by a two page followup a year later. I have scanned all nine of these pages and they are available here. Thanks to ARRL for permission to reproduce this material.

Each page was scanned at a gray scale resolution of 288 dots/inch, its contrast adjusted for maximum clarity and then reduced to 144 dots/inch. By then reducing the gray scale to a three-bit color depth, I have tried to reduce the physical size of each page as much as possible while still maintaining an acceptable level of readability.

An article of this length and technical content will undoubtedly need to be printed off for study. I have used my web browser to print it on a fairly common 600 dpi laser printer with acceptable readability. I hope the line I have chosen between readability and file size is a reasonable one.

All materials required to make this modification can be purchased pre-cut from Mike Wetzel, W9RE.

Each of the individual nine pages can be selected below or you can go to the first and then click Next to walk through the pages, one by one.

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Page Seven (92K)

Page One (Followup) (207K)
Page Two (Followup) (192K)


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